What is Kotlin (What are Cotlin) ?

What is Kotlin (What are Cotlin)? ⇒

Kotlin is a programming language. Which is made by jetbrains and their team. You must know about all the java programming languages, Kotin is also very similar to Java. I mean to say that all the work we can do in Java language can also be done in Kotin. If Cotlin language has arrived, it does not mean that you can not use Java now. Not at all you can work with the language you want,
Whether it is coatine or java or c, c ++

But Google considers Kotlin as his primary language. Coatleen Google
Preview Release: 31 March 2017 and Stable release: 25 April 2017.

Cotlin's name is placed above the kotlin island, which is situated in St. Petersburg Russia.
Cotlin is made up of multiple languages, many things have been added in Cotlin in C ++, Scala, Java.

Just as the Java runs on the JVM, the coatlin is run on the JVM only, Java has a byte code conversion, in the same way coatin also has a byte code conversion.
The main objective of making colletin was that the way Javadra is running faster than the same, there is also the run of coatlin and that we have seen Kamiya in Java has been imprinted in Cotlin.

Kotlin Use For Android (use of Cotlin for Android)

The Cotlin language is fully equipped for Android application. But still many Java users have not been able to convert to Cotlin. The main reason for this is that kotlin is a completely new programming language.
But a lot of things have been taken from the Java language inside the Cotlin language, so now users who are working on Java and know Java fully, they can easily understand and learn Kotlin. Even Cotlin is Oops based, if you talk about Syntex, then Cotlin is completely defiant.
One of the most important features of the Cotlin language is that Cotlin can be used with Java and Java with Cotlin.
There are tools available in Cotlin that we can convert to Cotlin in Java, Supose if we have already created a program in Java then we can convert that code to Cotlin.
Cotlin is an open source programming language, that is, Cotlin is completely free to use.
Using Kotlin For Server -Side Development (Using Cotlin for Server Side Development)

Java vs Kotlin (Kotlin V / S Java)

There are some misuse in Java such as Null Referances
No Row Types - In Java, when we declare a variable, the value of the intiger type is the value of the integer type, then the character is the character, and if the float type is the value then the float has to be written, but this is not the case in coteline The Fun Name name variable is passed in Cotlin.

Array In Kotlin (Array in Cotlin)
In Cotlin, arrays are also different types.
The way we do conversion typecasting in Java is completely different in Cotlin.
And Ha Coatlin does not have Checked Exception.

How To Use Kotlin For Android Development

If you want to use Cotlin instead of Java for Android application development, then you must have Android Studio 3.0. Cotlin will work with Android 3.0.
But if you do not have Android Studio 3.0 then it does not matter, you can use the old version of Android Studio like: - Android Studios 2.2.1 and Android Studios 2.3.3 with Cotlin too.
See how he is going forward -
Suppose you have Android Studio 2.3.2, you can still use Cotlin in it.
First of all you open your Android studio: Like

After opening Android Studio, you can now go into the file in Android Studio and click on settings: Like
After clicking on the settings, search here plugin (plugins): Like
Now you have to click on the plugin and now you have to search for plugins, Kotlin, but you will not see Kotlin yet. Now you have to click on Search In Repositories: Like

Now you have to click here on Kotlin Install below LANGUAGE
But for this, your system should be available in the Internet: Like

After installing Kotlin install in Android Studio 2.3.2, you now have to restart Android Studio: Like
After the Android Studio is restarted, you now have to click OK.
Now you can use Cotlin with Android Studio.

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