How To Earn Money With Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

About a year ago, Amazon launched his Indian Marketplace launch and associate program for Indian Publishers. Amazon sells a wide range of India's marketplace products such as electronics goods, books, mobile phones, kindle devices and movies. If you are new to affiliate marketing, then you should definitely read this guide to understand its basics.


How To Earn Money With Amazon Affiliate Marketing? affiliate program exactly their US Like the front but for Indian affiliates, he is paying hefty commissions on every sale. According to the press release, he is paying commission on consumer electronics by combining 5% commission and Kindle devices and 10% commission on all devices.

How to Start Making Money with Amazon Affiliate Program?

If you had previously worked with Amazon Affiliate Program, you will not have any problem getting started with it. If not used, I'll outline some quick points here, which will help you get started with it.

To begin with, go to Amazon India's associate page and sign in using your Amazon India account. If you do not have an Amazon India account yet, you can quickly create one. Signing up is a 3 step process:

Create an account on the Amazon Indian Affiliate Program.

Fill Account information, with payment details.

Fill details of your website.

You will also need to enter your PAN card number to be paid. The best thing about's affiliate program is that if a buyer lands on Amazon India's site by following your affiliate link and purchases a product on the site, you will get a commission for it. Apart from getting a link for a single product, you can also get different widgets and embed them on your blog's sidebar.

How To Earn Money With Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Here are some details about this program:

Minimum Payout-2500 (INR 2500).

Payment is given approximately 60 days after the end of every month.

You will not be paid for returned goods. If a good return has been made, which was sold to your affiliate link, then you can see negative balance in your account.

If you use your affiliate link to buy a product, you will not be paid.

Specially for those bloggers who have Indian Traffic, this is their one of the best Indian Affiliate Program. For those bloggers who also write about movies or booms on their blog, it is a great opportunity for them to make a passive income from their blog.

Amazon's affiliate program is one of the most successful, affiliate programs, and with their Indian Store affiliate program, Indian bloggers and publishers have the best chance to monetize their traffic. Go ahead and get an account for yourself and start making money.

Note: You can contact the affiliate marketing channel on your e-book.

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