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So friends Anushka Sen is a very beautiful actress and she had worked in the fame serial called Balveer and she played Mehr's character. She played Mehr's character very well Anushka Sen today, in the present day, from small to great Anushka Sen
Information about Anushka Sen is given below.

Information about Anushka Sen

➙ Anushka Sen's real name is Anushka Sen

➙ Anushka Sen is called by people lovingly called Anu, Anushka, Chokkleti Girl.

➙Anushka Sen is a professoral actress and dancer.

की Anupka Sen's birthdate: 4 August 2002.

➙ Now Anushka Sen's age will be around 16 years.

➙ Anushka Sen was born in Jharhand India Resident in Mumbai India, which means that she was born in Junkhard.

➙ Anushka Sen was in the National Indian Zodic sign Aries.

➙ And Anushka Sen's Caste-Hindu O

➙ Anushka Sen's height is 5 feet 6 inches.

का Weight of Anushka Sen i.e. weight 45kg ha

They like water plants very much.

➙Anushka Sen helps us with the money needed by the slow people.

➙ Anushka Sen's eyes color dark browen Hey.

➙ Anushka Sen's hair color black O

➙ Anushka Sen has caliphate 11 standard.

➙Anushka Sen's school name is international school nyan mumbai.

He started acting in a small age of 8 years.

➙ His  salary from 50000 to 70000.

➙ Their favorite place is hong kong ha.

➙ their hobbies, dancing, photoghrphy, post video on musicly, they all have soak

➙ Their own YouTube channel is Anushka Sen

➙ Anushka Sen's mother's name is Rajrupa Sen.

His father's name is Anirab Sen.

➙ His best friend is Janat Zubair Rashmi.

➙One Good Friend Siddhartha Nigam

They have more love than dogs in animals

They have a huyndai verna car and the price of the car is 7.60 to 13.8 million.

Friends were all about information about Anushka Sen

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